Enjoy your free time on a lovely wooden terrace. Adapted to the style of the house, it forms an additional living space, where you spend many pleasant hours. The terrace can be just simply designed but can also be equipped with the most extensive accessories and thus even become one of the most important areas of your living environment. That is why it is important to think carefully about what your perfect terrace should look like.
You can make it as comprehensive as you want with level differences, several seating areas, plants, sight shields, an outdoor kitchen, railings, storage spaces and possibly a swimming pool.

Why Choose a Wood Terrace for Your Outdoor Area?

If you like a natural look and a warm ambiance, the wood terrace is the ideal choice to turn your vision of your unique outdoor area into reality.

When you decide for a timber look, you can select between the solid natural wood or the synthetic composite version. The main difference is merely a matter of preference and maintenance.

Compared to tiles or concrete, wood feels nicer barefoot and your garden remains beautifully natural. Another big advantage is that with this material your outside space can be completely custom made and comprise a lot of different elements in various styles. A built-in pool area with cabins and storage, or shading, all can be built in the same material and thus create a consistency in design.

If you for example like the Scandinavian look, you will definitely like this type of terrace, but in principle it can be adapted to any style, whether rustic, classic or modern. A wooden terrace suits any home. Let’s just say your home is only perfect when house and outdoor spaces are in harmony and contain all of the elements that you consider important to spend your precious time.

We Help You Design Your Perfect Wood Terrace

At Design Hub store and showroom we present a range of designs in the materials offered. Our team is eager to assist you in any way they can.

We can also do more than provide ideas and materials. If you would like a custom designed terrace with optimal material use and all the elements for your specific situation, we are at your disposal in the Designhub Studio. Our architectural design experts can perfectly create and visualize your unique wooden terrace.

For more information about a wood terrace contact us now or visit us in the Store and Showroom.