When people think of concrete benches, they most likely make up an image of a rectangular cement slab sitting on two concrete blocks. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Concrete benches can actually come in an incredible range of styles and designs. They can also be manufactured in a variety of patterns. In essence, concrete benches don’t have to be boring. You can make them as fun and unique as you like.
In the past, stone benches were used for centuries. Then concrete benches came up which resemble stone benches but also add beauty and style to your space. These benches are resilient and nearly impossible to remove, so they are ideal for landscapes and outdoor spaces where the weather is harsh.

Find your Custom Made Concrete Shuttering for Benches at Design Hub Store

At Design Hub, we have a team of experts who are ready to listen to you, give you advice about ideas of the best materials to use and help you make your outdoor space beautiful and unique.
The concrete shutterings we offer are always custom made. In the showroom we present different types as examples to help you visualize what you could expect and get from us, but after these are custom made and fitted out according to your outdoor area.

Why use Concrete Shuttering for your Outdoor Area

Talking of outdoor spaces, we all want as much as possible things that are relatively hassle-free but eye-catching at the same time. In that case, you have two options. We can build structures, tops and storage out of marine plywood and then clad them in all the materials that we offer in our Design Hub store. However, we always recommend using concrete shuttering for 2 main reasons. First, since concrete shuttering is a stronger and more resilient material to water and other climatic conditions. Second, because concrete can also feature as a mix of the materials needed for the outdoor space; especially when it is a polished version, which can be in different tones of color and also slightly different surface finishes.

Concrete is obviously a different element to marble, travertine or timber. This makes the outdoor space more interesting as a design, if this is the client’s brief. The shuttering is basically done by molding a shutter out of timber and then pouring in the concrete, letting it set, and after removing the shutter.  Then we treat the concrete in a particular manner, whether it is to be cladded or to be left as a polished concrete surface.

For more information about concrete shuttering for outdoor benches contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom!