Every office contains some, if not multiple, doors.
We normally consider a door as a movable component for locking and opening an entrance, attached to a frame with hinges.
So they are often items that are not part of a particular design. As a result, they often do not form a unit with the surrounding space and appear aesthetically out of place. This is actually a shame because they can be beautifully incorporated into a unique and consistent design concept whether for residential or commercial spaces.

Our Approach to Customized Office Doors

To get away from the “normal door” we like to conceptualize it further. We customize office doors in order to create a significant difference in appearance and usability for the space and the people working there. This can be done by fitting them to blend seamlessly within their surroundings or by creating them with stunning features.

In order to deviate from the norm of how we usually see doors and to respect the design of the holistic wall, we create a concept from the fact that they are part of the wall.
For example, imagine you have a long office wall containing four entrance doors. In this case we can create a large floor-to-ceiling paneling which encompasses them, thus creating one block in the same material, the doors fitting in smoothly because of the consistency in the cladding of wall and doors. The material used could even follow through to other walls as well.
Also there can be special features applied to entrance doors, with different types of openings which allow light to pass.

Perfect your Office with Custom Doors from Design Hub

We offer a range of many options and different finishes, like spray in an array of colors or wood. They can be covered with the same wood that you have in the parquet or in the wall to make them a concealed part of the wall. Even with wallpapered walls, the doors can be enclosed with the same wallpaper and thus become invisible.
If needed the doors can also be soundproofed, for this we use our custom padding which is used for the walls and the furniture as well.
Same as with entrance doors, it is also possible to integrate the doors of cabinets or other spaces.

Customized office doors can be eye-catching or an invisible part of its environment. Explore the various possibilities of incorporating them and the effect of the different materials in our Design Hub showroom and store. Our experienced store team will gladly assist you to find exactly what you are looking for .

For more information about office custom doors contact us now or visit us in the Store and Showroom.