Usually outdoor spaces are limited to a certain size. Nevertheless, your outdoor space should be able to serve the purpose you have in mind and at the same time be as eye-catching as possible. For you to achieve this it’s important to incorporate particular finishes that beautify your outdoor space and also cater your specific needs.

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Our team in the store is looking forward to helping you realize your outdoor area. They can give you advice to find the right items and right material that will suit you best.

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Outdoor Design and Fit-out Outdoor Design and Fit-out

You wish to design or redesign your outdoor area? Find ideas and advice here at the Design Hub Store and Showroom.

BBQ Tops BBQ Tops

An outdoor barbeque area is a great way for you, your family and friends to enjoy cooking and having a delicious meal in an open air atmosphere.

Outdoor Kitchen Tops Outdoor Kitchen Tops

Are you ready to turn your dream of an outdoor kitchen into a reality? We provide the kitchen countertop material to use, considering your preferences and the functional aspects.

Outdoor concrete shuttering for benches Outdoor concrete shuttering for benches

Every outdoor space is different, so it’s a good idea to have individual outdoor benches instead of buying something off the shelf.

Storage Units Storage Units

Together with us you will find the right materials and designs for your outdoor storage unit.

Wood Terrace Wood Terrace

A wood terrace is a fully independent terrace system. It is built with an aluminum sub-structure and two layers of high quality natural wood.

Composite Decking and Cladding Composite Decking and Cladding

Designers of composite decking designed it in a way that you can lay it on the ground.Composite cladding is a building material that can be used to cover the sides or walls of yourhouse and protect it from moisture.

Customized Outdoor Solutions

Whether it is a pool area, roof terrace or a side terrace on ground floor level, that particular space needs to be planned not only according to the client’s wish and expectations, but also according to the function of the space. The goal of Design Hub is to find the best customized decision for the different elements to place in the space and the finishes to use, maintaining a balance between the client’s unique needs and the functionality of the elements and finishes.
For instance, many pools that were designed 20 years ago will not have that extreme dimension for seating areas, a BBQ area or maybe a fireplace area like they might have nowadays. So it will require a proper spacing out of different types of seating areas and the use of particular modern finishes on the floor which are eye-catching and easy to maintain. Once all these elements and finishes are designed with the right material, in the appropriate space with the appropriate sizes, the space will get what it deserves and it will allow you to get the comfort that you deserve. We aim at making sure the outdoor space matches the specific client’s style and expectations.
The designers in our Studio can design your outdoor area and also follow you throughout your entire project with all the finishes that are needed to create the space you wish.
For more information about the design of your outdoor area contact us now or visit us in the Store and Showroom.