Who doesn’t like cooking and eating outside? If you love the outdoors and have a garden or a large terrace it’s a great idea to create an outdoor kitchen. You can have a space that’s perfect to enjoy your meal together with your family and friends.

Natural Materials for Outdoor Kitchens Designed to Withstand Over Time

When you are designing your outdoor area, you may choose natural wood as decking, maybe travertine for the floors, and some other material for the pool. Since these are all natural materials, they are h3. However, you need to choose them according to where they will be used, since some are more absorbent than others. Also the outdoor kitchen tops and backsplashes can be created from the natural materials that we are offering at our Design Hub store. It is advisable to use the same material for your outdoor kitchen top and backsplash as this helps for a consistent design.

At Design Hub, we provide the different services needed. Depending on what you prefer we offer either plywood molding or concrete shuttering for the structure. You choose the natural materials according to their functions and then clad this structure with them to create the kitchen top you like to have. The types of kitchen tops which have sinks or a grill fitted on their top have to be designed with proper considerations such as adequate height etc.

For clients who wish to have a more cost effective solution but still like to have a consistent natural finish throughout, it’s possible to choose from the set sizes we offer. Or they can be ordered as larger custom sizes.

At Design Hub You Get Assistance and Advice to Choose your Kitchen Top

Depending on the size of your space you can either decide to go for a separated outdoor kitchen and BBQ space, or design it as a structure that combines both.

Our experienced team in the store is ready to give you advice on which materials are able to withstand a certain amount of heat, the usage and the climate conditions. When creating kitchen tops it’s also important to take the type of texture on the natural material into consideration. Here as well, you can rely on the expert help of our team.

They can show you samples we present outside, cladded in marble or travertine, or as polished concrete, so you get an idea of how these components can look within an outdoor kitchen space. To help you visualize these materials within your space we offer to visit the site and provide a simple rendering.

For more information about outdoor kitchen tops, contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom!