When people hear the word wallpaper, most of them tend to think of those papery wallpaper commonly found in older British buildings. Sometimes these wallpapers are very delicate and easy to damage, especially in bathrooms or in corridors, where they are more strained.

Vinyl wallpaper is inherently a strong and durable material with a certain thickness. When it is laid on the wall or wherever else, it is practically waterproof. The only areas it can suffer from are the edges. Here the water can easily penetrate when they have not been applied properly to be edge-tight; so this will have an effect. However, this will not destroy the whole product, you will just have to redo a part of it.

Advantages of Vinyl Wallpaper

Take a look at the positives that come with vinyl wallpaper.
Over the years lots of different companies all over have created vinyl wallpapers with many different kinds of designs, textures and effects. Since they are very tangible and have a thickness you can create various structural effects on them. This hard wearing material can finish off your space perfectly.

Whether you want it to look grassy or brushed, or you want it to mimic a wood grain or even a marble or concrete, there are many ways this interior finish can cover a wall. Mixed with other finishes on other walls in that space they help embrace the room much more than if you decide to just paint it with a color.

Find the Most Inspiring Vinyl Wallpapers at Design Hub Store

Our products are actually directed towards texture and moods, not just normal designs.
At DesignHub we want to present another type of vinyl wallpaper that can act as a different surface within all the surface finishes. All designs we offer are presented in the store and showroom. You’ll find a big choice of different textures in a wide range of tones stretching from the whites, grays, browns, blues, to the greens. This provides you a whole palette of options to be able to finish off the conceptual design.

Sometimes it can be necessary to warm up a space with these textures. The only way to do this is by using something softer on the eyes. Soft finishes help to achieve a warmer home and complete the other cold and functional items and surfaces.
So, for instance if you have a lovely space with marble floors and maybe accents of wood here and there, but no curtains or even any other soft finishes, the space tends to lack with respect to its warmth.
These types of textured wallpapers act as an eye-catcher, like a piece of cloth in the tone of coloration laid on the wall; just that it’s a wallpaper.

Our friendly and welcoming team in the store and showroom is ready to listen to your specific ideas and needs and help you find the best solution for your vinyl wallpaper.

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