The bathroom water basins presented at the Design Hub Store are a selection of high quality unique sinks made of natural materials such as marble, travertine, onyx and other stones in different shapes and on different pedestals and top surfaces. They are available in a variety of colors to be suited to any design.

Water Basins that Combine History and Nature

These materials have been used since ancient times. They are durable and robust and h3 and they are natural and environment-friendly and not a mix of materials or composite of plastic or resin. They are basically something god-given embedded in a rock. So, when you look at your water basin you will ask yourself, what little part of the world do I have here in front of me that I’m washing my face in every day? A normal ceramic sink is made in a big factory, but this one had a position on our earth and we have taken it from there and put it into our life.

Choose your Unique Water Basin at Design Hub

All of our water basins are handmade. A block is cut out from natural stone, carved in that form and then finished and polished, it’s a one off in itself. This gives a unique opportunity to diversify with design of mixers within a space. Our water basins will add natural beauty to your bathroom.

Simple care and maintenance will be enough to preserve and enjoy using it for many years.

If clients or an architect want to be consistent in their design and use a particular material out of our other selection of materials, and they wish to get one of these things done in this material we have the option to do it.

Our team at Design Hub store will be glad to give advice and explain the different options to find the best basin design to create the ideal bathroom.

For more information about bathroom water basins contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom to discover our selection!