Every office needs light as humans need it to work and to function. Since an office often contains few windows, it is not easy to screen off individual spaces within the same office space that also contain daylight. Therefore, glazing partitions are ideal, allowing natural light to pass through while still offering privacy and shielding against outside noise.

Benefits of Glass Partitions for Offices

Glass partitions are mostly used to close off meeting rooms or a separate area within a space and at the same time to have an element that allows natural light coming in or penetrating through the room.

Glass offers many possibilities; it can either be clear and untoned, covered with white film so that it is opaque but still lets the light in, or be frosted. Here you have the option to get it as full frost or frosted in bands. This way it’s granting you privacy but still allowing you to benefit from the daylight. Also the glass is giving depth to a space.

Plan your Glazing Partitions Together with Design Hub

When deciding for glazing partitions to create a separate office block within a space, two important factors must be taken into account. The more glass is used, the more considerations have to be taken on the acoustics. As the material reflects sound, we use silent glass and the double-glazed variant to minimize sound transmission and design the padding according to the calculation of this reflection.

The second very important aspect is the fact of what is happening above and below the glass space. This means both the ceiling and the raised flooring have to be insulated with certain materials to give the same support to the acoustic level as the glass does. This is the only way you can contain the sound within the space and respect the investment on the glazing partition.

A further type of separation are glass walls between rooms, for instance between the open office space and the break room for instance. They aimed to conceal sounds but still keep the visual elements between both spaces and let the light and the open feeling in.

Since we have experience not only in designing but also in building, we take all factors into account to increase the efficiency of the glazing decisions of our clients.
Our experienced team in the store can give you advice and help you to find the best solution for your office partition.

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