Concealed drains are decorative and effective solutions for showers or other floor areas. They allow for a seamless look of the floor.

Benefits of Concealed Drains

When we, at Design Hub, talk about shower trays we talk about in-built trays, not the types of resin or fibre ones that are placed on the bottom. The shower tray floor of the in–built ones is recessed slightly down from the general bathroom floor to lead the water properly towards the drain without the risk of a puddle of water remaining around, which makes it more hygienic as well. For the design of a bathroom it is important to us that the drain can be seamless but still provides the capability of acting as a safeguard in the event of a pipe burst.

When you are using natural materials for the bathroom floor you most probably will not like to see this old fashion stainless steel square of the drain as you wish to have consistency within the floor and its material.
A concealed drain can be integrated within the natural materials in a bathroom to give it a unique touch. It can be tiled in the same design as the surrounding floor, making it almost invisible.

Explore the Collection of Drains at Design Hub Store

The concealed drains we offer at Design Hub are available in different sizes and shapes. They can also be found on the local market, but we have chosen a collection that we feel is in demand and can be incorporated in all rooms within the home where a drain should be, like the bath, kitchen or WC.

Our team at the store is ready to help you find the type of concealed drain that fits best with the materials used for your bathroom floor.

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