Bathroom mirrors are a great addition to your space that goes beyond utility. Their features go far further than being necessary to check your appearance, to apply make-up or shave. They have the capability of adding style and light, creating the illusion of more space and hiding storage places.

Why Deciding for a Recessed Bathroom Mirror

At Design Hub we usually prefer to design the mirror within the wall build-up rather than to buy one and just hang it on the wall. We do this for several reasons. If you wish to have a custom-sized mirror, you can decide how large it should be within the bathroom according to the tiles on the wall next to it and with respect to light and ceiling etc. To make the place look bigger and give it more life. Furthermore, it helps you save money as it reduces the amount of tiles you have to buy depending on the size of the mirror.

A recessed mirror gives a nice flat surface, so for instance when wiping the tiles with a cloth and you get to the mirror, you will just feel a very little V groove as the mirror and tiles are on the same level.
As it is placed directly on the plastered wall it needs a marine plywood panel  below which is reset in the wall. This plywood helps stop humidity penetrating from the wall into the back of the mirror because that’s where the mirror would suffer. It can be noticed  in antique mirrors, they get this “antique look” because the humidity behind them has affected the back and then the foil started decaying. So, in a bathroom that isn’t well ventilated and has a lot of steam, the humidity could slowly get behind the mirror. But as the mirror is recessed and glued onto the plywood, it will become very difficult for any humidity to penetrate. So, the plywood acts as a protector.

You can buy plywood in different sizes, so you can build up as much as you wish to and then place the mirror. Normally it has a thickness of about 6 mm to be flat with the tiles or other surfaces.

Find the Perfect Mirror to Accomplish Your Bathroom Design

At Design Hub we like trying out and using different types of mirrors. Our mirror suppliers can also offer what we are enjoying. These mirrors already exist, but not everyone knows they do.

We are able to incorporate them into the concept of the bathroom. So, for example, if you’ve chosen a bronze design finish for accessories and mixers etc, and you wish to keep this continuity, you can also decide for a bronze mirror. This gives you a bit of a gold tone within its reflection, which makes it look very high end.

We can offer different types of mirrors such as bronze, black, normal standard and vintage antique look. However, we are continuously looking to find more to add to the list. Our team in the store is always ready to help you choose the best mirror design in line with your vision and your bathroom concept.

For clients who desire a particular mirror, our designer team in the studio is at their disposal to design their customized unique bathroom eye-catcher.

For more information about our bathroom mirrors contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom!