Limestone is an organic sedimentary rock that mainly consists of skeletal particles from marine organisms such as mollusks and coral. Its main constituents are the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).The structure of limestone varies between very fine and coarse rock structure.

Applications of Limestone Tiles in your Space

Among others, the material is used in the building and construction industry. For this purpose, the stone is cut into blocks or slabs of specific dimensions. There are various applications of limestone such as floor tiles, cladding for walls, staircase treads, window sills, and more.

Limestone tiles can be used as flooring in various areas. Placing the tiles in the hallway immediately emits style and warmth upon entering. They are also popular as kitchen flooring as they provide comfort and warmth from beneath as well as display a natural beauty.

At Design Hub we offer two types of limestone tiles, the Classic limestone and Olive Fossil Green in different sizes and thicknesses, either 30.5x61x1.2 and 61x61x1.2 or 60x60x2, 60x90x2 and 60x120x2.

They are available in various finishes, you can choose between honed, polished and brushed. The Classic Limestone is white coloured stone with a slightly grained, even surface, which gives it a very elegant appearance. Due to its clean lines and light colour it is a sought-after choice for architects and designers.
The Olive fossil green limestone has a supreme and classy look with its green fossils and discolorations. This valuable olive fossil green limestone is an upscale but extraordinarily attractive stone to decorate any space.

Our helpful team in the store and showroom will gladly advise you and help you to make all your limestone wishes for your space become reality.

Properties of Limestone

Limestone is extremely long-lasting and weather-resistant, only think about the pyramid of Gizeh which has retained its beauty for a very long time.
It is also very versatile because the color goes with everything. As most limestone colour-nuances are whitish they can be easily combined.The material is easy to shape, it can be cut into blocks, slabs or bricks, expanding its application possibilities even more.
Last but not least, the material insulates your home naturally. Limestone is a great conductor of heat. This means that in the summer your house will stay much cooler and in the winter it will much better retain the heat. So it’s not only beneficial for the environment as it saves energy, but also a financial benefit in the long run.

As one of the most popular natural materials even for the professionals, limestone can beautify any space in your home.

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