Whether you want to design a new office space or to relocate or redesign your workplace,
there are a lot of points to be taken into consideration directly from the beginning stages.

What is Important when Designing an Office?

The comfort and productivity of the staff is strongly affected by the design of the office, the space allocation and overall layout. So, when considering the general look and feel of your office make sure to take colors, finishing, furnishing, lighting and acoustics into account.
This is why an accurate planning and much attention to detail will help you create a more efficient, successful workplace with happy employees.

Our Product Range of Office Interior Elements

In the Design Hub store we offer an assortment of elements that serve to equip your office with the features that create a modern work environment that meets your specific needs.

Office Furniture Office Furniture

Choose from our variety of office furniture the pieces that will provide your office a comfortable atmosphere and comply with the demands of the kind of work you do.

Office Pods Office Pods

Office pods provide the solution to have a quiet, soundproof room for phone calls or meetings within an open space office area.

Office design and fitout Office design and fitout

Do you consider designing, redesigning or enlarging your office space? Here at Design Hub Store and Showroom you will find ideas and advice.

Office Custom Furniture Office Custom Furniture

Our innovative custom office furniture is designed to outfit any environment. By combining different materials we create furniture solutions customized to the client’s need and brand identity.

Office Feature Walls and Ceilings Office Feature Walls and Ceilings

Our feature office wall and ceiling designs have the ability to serve a variety of aims, besides being appealing to the eyes they can also fulfill practical functions, such as being used as partition walls and for sound absorption.

Acoustic Padding Acoustic Padding

Our acoustic paddings provide sound absorption materials that help reduce background noises and echoes. But just because you have to soundproof your office, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Office Flooring Office Flooring

Flooring is obviously an important element in an office. It is the contact point for the clients and the area where the daily work-traffic prevails 

Office Glazing Partitions Office Glazing Partitions

Glazing office partitions are designed to provide a great way to enhance your office.

They are dividing work spaces and still allowing natural light to pass from area to area.

Office Custom Doors Office Custom Doors

The custom made office doors are designed by using the right materials to ensure the provision of a comfortable and safe work environment for the staff in their office space.

Our Approach to Design an Office Space

At Design Hub all is starting with the accurate survey of the space and collecting all information from the manager who’s taking care of this process, plus learning the thoughts of the staff within the office structure. This enables us to fully understand what they need, what they like and what annoys them at the moment.
Once we have this full analysis, we can do our part and come back with our proposition in aspects of the functionality of the office and the space allocation, whether it’s for distancing or privacy.

Hereafter we get to the stage of bringing in the different elements that can form the space to make it more functional, more aesthetically pleasing and more linked to the brand and the ethos of that company.

We design bespoke walls and ceilings and various customized elements that fit into the open plan, closed offices, meeting rooms and the breakout areas.

Playing and mixing with the implementation of new light sources, greenery where possible, plus acoustics and finishes helps make the staff feel more comfortable in their office environment.

This forms a part of all features which are built around the consideration of the brand identity.
So every single office and every single design is different every time.
They might have similar elements and materials, but the way textures and colors have been produced and customized will always be unique.
And this is what we at Design Hub feel is our biggest strength in today’s market.

For more information about office spaces contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom!