Marble tiles are one of the most popular flooring options. That’s because marble offers a range of benefits. It looks very elegant, is durable, hardwearing and resistant to shattering. Furthermore it is an excellent insulator and it reflects light. You can use marble tiles in any room as it displays uniqueness and style. While marble tile substitutes can closely replicate the look and feel of natural marble, they don’t offer any of these benefits. This should give you more than enough reason to consider marble tiles for your home. And another important point of a natural material, it is never the same. No piece will be like the other!

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If you’re looking for marble tiles that make the difference, you’re more than welcome at Design Hub.  Our team of experts will help you to choose and give you professional advice on what you need to get your unique marble finish.

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The marble tiles we offer feature tones of coloration and veins that you would not expect marble to have. Plus, we pride ourselves to have some unique finishes and types of marble that you will not find anywhere else here in Malta.

However, we are also putting our focus on making it easier for clients and people who are in this field of trade like tilers to have the ability to use those marble materials. Normally, when you wish to use marble materials you will have to find a marble expert for this kind of tiling. This is because marble is usually sold at a thickness of 20 millimeters; meaning it’s becoming a very heavy product and it will require a more focused skill set to be able to use this material and clad it accordingly.

Here at Design Hub, while still maintaining the standard tones and the one off tones of colors, we have been able to reduce the thickness from 20 millimeters to 10 millimeters. This reduction makes it the same thickness as a tile. So there won’t be any issues with weight or anything as the tiles can be adhered easily. Of course, there still have to be considerations about the materials to be used for interior, walls and tiles; and the stages that need to be done to prepare for the natural material types. But finally, as it is natural material, it will be possible to do it with tiles.

The marbles we offer come as much as possible in three different finishes, but all with the same thickness. We have a polished version, brushed version and a sandblasted or hammered version. It’s fun and nice to feel and touch the different textures. This can also act as a functional element, be it a non-slip floor or reflection-free wall needed for a particular reason. This provides you with a variety of choices, the same material but 3 different finishings.

From around 100’000 tiles in total, there are 2’000 marble tiles, that’s the ratio here on the island of Malta. So, now that we can offer this option of marble tiles to the tilers who are proposing tiles to their clients, these tilers also are able now to propose marble tiles and marble finishes at an affordable price, so everyone can be happy.

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