Choosing the best suitable and strongest glue and mortar mix for your natural andceramic materials project is very important. However, the kind of glue and mortar mixyou should choose depends on the material you use and where you plan to place it.

Our Offer of Mortar Mixes and Glues at Design Hub

Our aim in the shop in Luqa is to offer contractors and clients of our Design Hub storethe opportunity to buy all the glues and mortar mixes the tilers need for the applicationof our materials.This way you can take advantage of a one-stop-shop instead of having to pick what youneed from different stores. So you just buy a surface plus all what is needed to adhere itand you will even find the necessary tools and accessories for your installation, all inone place!

Advice on the Use of Glues and Mortars

When applying marble or other natural materials to a wall, there are some essentialconsiderations. Whether it should be placed with mortar on the wall or glued directly onconcrete or other flat surfaces, it’s important to ensure the use of the appropriateadhering material so it doesn’t affect the visual outcome. Understanding their differentproperties, strengths and limitations, can help you make the right choice.