Design Hub

Design Hub is all about creating spaces where people can enjoy life.

Founded in 2011 and directed by multi-awarded designer Sean Cassar, Design Hub operates on three levels: the Studio, for finely crafted interior and exterior design solutions; the Store, for carefully sourced decor solutions, furnishing and materials; and Ventures, for innovative and exciting business projects.

The long-standing relationships we hold with most of our clients, who have chosen us for several projects throughout their personal and business milestones, is a testament to the quality of our work.

To know that they are happy in the places where they live and work, is our greatest achievement.

Design Hub Store

At the Design Hub Store you can find a world of inspiration for any space, residential and commercial alike.

Interior and exterior surfaces, green walls, wallpapers are just some of the creative solutions you will be able to browse through, with the support of our expert staff.

If you’re a business owner, at Design Hub Store you can also avail yourself of a range of specialised design packages tailored for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from corporate branding, commercial outlets, office and custom furniture needs, to high-end hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and more.

What’s more, we can support you in the planning, creation and management of your projects.

For residential and commercial spaces ready to be loved and enjoyed.

Sean Cassar

Sean Cassar (BA Hons UK) is the founder, owner and managing director of Design Hub.

Sean has been described as “an artistically talented creator of functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces”. Having lived in UK since the age of twelve, he came back to Malta after pursuing higher education to build up his profession as an Interior and Exterior Spatial Designer.

He has been practising in the field for the past fifteen years and founded Design Hub in 2011.

Over the years, Sean and his creative projects – or, as he calls them, his passions – have been featured in many high-end lifestyle and business publications.

In 2015, Sean won his first award as Malta’s Best Young Entrepreneur. A year later, he was honoured with the Chairman’s Value Award presented by Her Excellency the President of Malta for the Malta’s Best In Business Awards 2016.