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How to Start Planning a New Office or Renovate an Existing One

When it comes to office design and ultimately the office fit-out, the initial words and considerations of two sides must be taken into account.

One side is the space allocation for staff, which is built and designed based on how the company works and how it needs to function appropriately.

Then on the other hand there’s the corporate brand and how the space can admit that brand’s ethos in a very natural, elegant or subtle manner. Linking these two sides gives the functionality of what an office space should have.

The next step is planning the design and fit-out of an office space. This encompasses a number of different aspects to consider. Starting from the space allocation that applies to the spacing between individuals or the privacy where it’s necessary, to the lighting and the acoustics.

After the finishings of walls, ceiling, the flooring and furnishing, whether it should be custom-built or off the shelf.

All this, colors, furnishing, lighting and decoration have an impact on your employees’ productivity, it helps them feel more comfortable and think more creatively.

And, don’t forget: We at the design Hub Studio are the designer team, so should you need help we can also create your the design or assist you with the fit-out or recommend the right people who realize the office space for you using the materials you had decided for.

You also have the option to assign your entire office project to our professional team.

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Get Assistance and Advice from our Team

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