The Design Hub Store prides itself on providing a selection of high quality bathroom mixers of the “Watermark Collection”. Their unique forms and designs give an exquisite touch to every bathroom.

Mixers that Combine Quality and Aesthetics

These mixers are mainly made of brass combined with different types of metal such as bronze, copper and more. They convey the haptic experience of brassware and the inspiring forms behind them.

All are geared towards functionality without having to forego the aesthetic aspects.

The mixers are available in a variety of refined surfaces. Each finish is slowly built up by hand, with attention to the detail, from brushing and hammering to relieving and lacquering. This results in a high end product for a high end use.

Choose your Extraordinary Mixer for your Bathroom

Our selection of bathroom mixers has been carefully put together to be able to offer a wide palette of independent components that together can compose the right details for an appropriate design considered by the architect, they contribute to create unique, high end bathroom spaces that fit to the lifestyle and vision of our clients.
Our team in the store is ready to help you find the mixer unit you are looking for.

Whether concealed or contemporary designs, our palette of mixer designs and forms enhance the environment and uplift the surface they are installed on.

For more information about bathroom mixers contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom to discover our selection!