The facade feature cladding is basically a feature wall in itself. It can be created withinan internal or external space, whether it’s commercial or residential.As a contractor, you may have to follow a concept of space or design, but by mixingdifferent materials in a playful manner you can create the features that turn a blank wallinto an eye-catching facade that give off a certain effect or an aura for the users.

Find out About your Options for Feature Facades

The kinds of facade feature claddings we are offering can look amazing and unique ifused in the right way.You can find all those in our shop in Luqa, visit us to explore your possibilities of how tomix and match. Whilst having a coffee on site take the time to watch our videopresentations about the different materials and their opportunities. This will help youvisualize and provide inspiring ideas. Certainly, our professional team will also be atyour disposal to give you advice on how to create the facade you desire.For more information about internal or external facade feature claddingcontact us nowor visit us in Luqa!