Who wouldn’t want to create a wonderful living environment in which we feel at home and where we can relax? To this end, we ensure that everything meets our needs, both inside and outside the house.
If you like a natural look and materials, then wood is an excellent choice. It allows you to create an oasis of relaxation. Solid wood is very popular, is a visual “eye-catcher” and stands for durability and longevity.

Why Select Natural Decking and Cladding?

We import our timber from nearby Italy. Natural timber from a similar climate makes it well suitable to withstand the elements and our weather conditions. It is fire treated, which makes it about 10 times stronger than non-treated wood. This increases its durability and limits shrinking and deforming.

Our wood is cut, it comes as planks that are grinded and ready to be laid. Then we can treat it ourselves, meaning we can play with it as we want in a lot of forms and details for the cladding and decking. It is suited for internal and external use (but mostly external). It is an interesting choice for clients with a more natural desire in mind.

You can finish the product to your own desire and prime, paint or varnish it. You can colour it as you like or just let it naturally.

As it is a warm material, it does not need time to heat up, but it also absorbs little heat. This means that it always has and radiates a pleasant temperature. Finally, a major plus is that it can be attached to different surfaces, both flat or sloping and both on soft and hard areas.

Nothing looks as comfortable and atmospheric as wood. By incorporating wooden elements in your garden, you can extend the homely feeling outside. Moreover, it is a natural material. This allows you to maintain the natural look of your garden, as opposed to using artificial materials such as concrete.

A further great advantage is that it is completely customizable to your style and needs. It is a versatile material that can represent any type of house or garden. Whether classic, rustic or modern, it can shape any look.

Choose the Natural Way at Design Hub Store

Our wood is durable and eco-friendly, so if you love nature and natural materials, we show you that we do too! A variety of alternatives and designs are presented at DesignHub showroom and store. See which options you have of applying the material and put your wishes into practice. Let the team assist you with the different options for designing your space according to your ideas and specific wishes with natural timber decking and cladding.

For more information about natural decking and cladding contact us now or visit us in the Store and Showroom.