What to Consider when Choosing the Office Floor

When designing the office interior, the floor, as part of the concept, should also be considered to  be in line with the brand identity.
Depending on where the floor will be located in the office, the material must meet different requirements.
Other important factors are comfort for the people who work there, the traffic the floor has to endure, the maintenance, what it takes to repair eventual defects and the safety of the surface under the given circumstances.
For offices, generally heavy duty flooring types will be needed, particularly for reception areas and passageways with high traffic. This requires a sturdy flooring type that is also easy to clean.

Find your Optimal Flooring at Design Hub

In our store you will find a large selection of office flooring, like marble, travertine and parquet. You can make it unique by using a selection of different materials to create one surface. Depending on the function of the space it is possible to stitch different materials into each other or also use the same materials for further elements. The flooring can become part of the wall or refer to the ceiling or other office furniture components.  This can improve the consistency and the usability as well.

Since we have all the materials and knowledge in house you can imagine how many different options there are to relate to a particular brand or concept. Furthermore, we can provide the materials in an extensive palette of colors, so you can choose what best fits your vision.

As in an office it is very functional to hide pipes, cables and other utilities, we also offer raised flooring.

When you are looking for unique and optimal flooring for your office and you want to discover all the possibilities for your space, explore all our materials, finishes and colors in the Design Hub store and showroom. Our attentive team will gladly advise you to make the best choice possible.

For more information about office flooring contact us now or visit us in the Store and Showroom.