We usually don’t notice it, but our ears are always focused on receiving sound. In an office, people are also constantly stimulated acoustically which can lead to a loss of concentration or even lead to stress eventually resulting in health problems. Voices are heard, telephone calls are made and there are various sound sources that can be extremely disturbing in poor acoustic conditions.
Therefore it’s important, especially in an office space, to combine optimal sound transmission with an attractive office concept. This requires thorough planning and individual coordination. For this reason we provide acoustic padding, made not only to absorb noise and optimize sound but also to shape the office space in a nice and pleasant manner.

Benefits of Acoustic Padding

Sound reflects, and most of the time offices are designed with glass elements and partitions, because glass creates a feeling of openness, it’s letting light in and widening the view within the office space. However, it is extremely reflective, more than walls for example, so this property becomes an acoustic handicap for the design within that closed space. So you need to find a way to absorb sounds and noises created within this closed space.

Formerly we used to mute the sound with the help of carpets and curtains. Nowadays we have the option to use custom acoustic padding. If it is calculated well within the room and it’s given design, these padding not only have the function of absorbing sound but they also contribute to a pleasing environment and thus to the comfort of people using that room.

Optimal Acoustics with Paddings from Design Hub Store

We fabricate and source materials for our own customized acoustic paddings, whether for commercial or residential use.
Mainly the paddings are used for offices, meeting rooms, open plan spaces as well as closed offices. They also have the option to integrate lighting such as LEDs and ambient lighting. They are all very absorbent to help mute the sound.

The padding panels can be designed in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs. This allows for integrating them in any office concept or brand concept, held by a specific company or office.

We always make sure to offer fire-rated materials. These paddings not only optimize sound and insulation, but also improve the aesthetics, in the sense of bringing in a cosier touch to a space. We offer a soft tactile texture that, when combined with or stitched into other cold materials, helps to make  the space more inviting and warmer and potentially creates a home away from home.

So, if you are looking for optimal acoustics within your design concept and you want to discover the possibilities for your space, explore our offer at  the DesignHub store. Our attentive team will gladly advise  you to find the best solution for your noise absorption and optimization of office sound transmission.

For more information about acoustic padding contact us now or visit us in the Store and Showroom.