Storage space is an important element for every outdoor area. It saves you from having to move things back and forth that are not constantly needed or are not meant to be seen. But of course you don’t want to put an ordinary plastic box in your beautiful interior!

Practical and Space-saving Storage Units at Design Hub

Our experts at Design Hub can help you join comfort with utility.

Storage units can be set up underneath all the structures we build. After creating the natural tops, whether they’re kitchen or barbecue tops, we can create storage spaces underneath. This is possible because we build a structure on top of concrete or marine plywood to create the preparation surface with a space underneath. This gives you the opportunity to have storage units which are custom made in the exact sizes needed for that space.

There are different finishes to choose from. We can either use natural timber or a timber composite in a way that they are consistent with the design. Or we build a carcass of marine plywood and use stainless steel doors as front.

The BBQ top storage cabinets are ideal to conceal your gas cylinder, while still providing the right ventilation needed for safety reasons. For kitchen tops that are equipped with a sink, its fixtures such as hot and cold water supply and the drain can be concealed in the storage underneath. Also any other equipment needed for the outdoor kitchen can be protected from climatic conditions such as the sun and rain since it will be enclosed with the right materials.

Storage spaces can even be set up underneath concrete benches. This is done by taking into account the proper spacing for your feet so that you feel comfortable while sitting on these benches. In most cases a bench sticks about 0.5 meter out of a wall. This provides a good space underneath the bench to use as a storage unit. We always recommend having a consistent design with the same material that runs up the front of that storage.
Alternatively, you can also use stainless steel doors. But stainless steel would be more expedient for kitchen or barbecue areas storages.

We Can Provide All You Need for Your Storage Unit

When you are looking to purchase your material, in many shops, you will most probably not find all that you need in the same material. The Great Plus at Design Hub store is that we offer this consistency within all the materials.

At our Design Hub showroom, we present some samples of storage units, underneath a barbecue top, a kitchen top or a bench to give you an idea of what is feasible.
Our experts can give you all the information you need, including the definition of the size, the amount of material needed, how to best fit everything together, so all about your storage unit based on your specific needs. You can choose the appropriate materials according to your design and liking.

For more information about storage units, contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom!