Basalt is a volcanic fine-grained rock substance. It is mainly used for structural building materials such as, tiling, bricks, foundations and sculptures, and also for insulating purposes within stone walls. The material is strong and dense and often used for tiles varying from light to dark grey. Good quality basalt tiles can be accurately cut to get precise sizing. 

Basalt Tiles Applications in your Space 

Basalt is one of the most popular natural stones for walls and floors, it doesn’t have any color variation on the surface. The tiles or slabs are functional and practical flooring materials.  

The basalt tiles we offer are ideal for your kitchen or bathroom flooring as well as for walls inside and outdoors. Thus they are suitable for stairs, kitchen countertops, sinks, worktops, and more within your living space. 

Our tiles are available in different finishes such as honed, polished, brushed and sandblasted in the size 30x60x1.2cm. 

In the Design Hub store and showroom our expert team can advise you and help you to optimize the use of basalt to your needs and desires.

Properties of Basalt 

The stone can be cut thinly and its durability suits a variety of commercial applications, it can be finished in different ways to create unique products tailored to the concepts, wishes and needs of its users. In thin tiles it is used for building veneers, floors, etc. and in its larger columnar pieces it is great for durable stone objects, monuments and even art pieces that can be made from it. The material is capable of absorbing a lot of moisture, and the tiles can be used in areas that occasionally get damp. It’s not recommendable however , to use these tiles in areas that are completely submerged in water.  

As one of the most prominent natural stones for walls and flooring our basalt tiles will undoubtedly look beautiful in any of your living spaces. 

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