The bathroom vanities we offer at Design Hub Store and Showroom are custom made from pre-structured marine grade plywood models.

Explore our Vanity Selection in the Showroom

Our mission at Design Hub is to offer very customizable, unique bathroom vanities using high quality materials, such as natural cladding materials, marine grade plywood and stainless steel fittings wherever needed or necessary and still keep affordable prices.

In our Showroom we present a selection of our 3 standard designs ready to be picked up.You can also order them in other sizes, so they will be calculated and produced as per your wish. But the design will be the same.
The clients who like to have a special conceptual design are welcome in our Studio, and we will design the unique vanity you are looking for.

Affordable, Custom Made and Unique Bathroom Vanities

The vanities are available in three different options which are offered at different prices depending on their size.
From that structure, the client or designer can clad it in any of the materials we provide, such as terrazzo, travertine, marbles etc.

Having these options makes it possible to cater for the clients who don’t have a designer or an architect working with them. In our store they will find experts who have the experience of how to mix and match and show them the materials we’re offering. They will also help them create a design consistent with the finishes that they’re proposing. These units can be built to have any type of vanities on them; whether they are surfaced or mounted on an undermount.

The 3 price ranges are based on the 3 types of storage capabilities the vanities provide.
Option 1 has no storage and comes with a little shelf, where you can place some towels or other items.
Option 2 has a storage closed with 2 doors with concealed hinges.
Option 3 has the storage with drawers as storage.
Depending on the space available in the bathroom each type can be provided also in different standard sizes: 600mm, 900mm and   1200mm offered at price per meter.

Our target is to make them affordable, to be able to compete in the market of finished off shelf products with the plus of having natural and valuable materials included.
When it comes to the  cladding in these materials, the nicest  way is to have no  grouting lines and no cuts. But for instance, at the smallest and most affordable one, you can have these lines, which is not that big a deal; However, you have the  option to order  the full cladding also for this  size of your vanity at a reasonable price increase.
Apart from the cladding our vanities are as well customizable on the inside, as they will be produced directly for a certain client as per order. This is what makes us unique on the local market. The usual timeframe to get your vanity finished and delivered is 14 days, depending on material chosen ans stocks at the time

Our Opportunity for Contractors

Our  offer can be also beneficial for contractors, as they have the option to purchase bigger amounts of vanities at an affordable price. Even if their clients are on a tighter budget, they could decide to tile everywhere with ceramic tiles, and then have this vanity as the showpiece within their bathroom space. They may also attain a  visual rendering of the space  to show to their clients, that will visualize how that bathroom with this vanity would look. This will make him stand out from his competitors as many others will not have these opportunities

For more information about our bathroom vanities contact us now or visit us in our Store and Showroom!