Sizes of Window Sills Offered at Design Hub

The window sills we are offering at Design Hub are imported at a set size. The materialswe selected are functional and durable, but also in colors and colorations that are indemand.This makes it easy for you as a contractor to combine. You can choose what you need,just pick it up without having to wait, you cut from the pieces accordingly and then placethem together.Windows sills always look better in one piece, so depending on the size needed youalso have the option to order directly from us the desired size. The delivery time isapproximately 1-2 months.Some window sills are already available in certain standard sizes. Especially whendoing some renovations, these standard sizes would be a good option as their handlingis time-saving and also you will be able to get them at an affordable price.

Benefit from the Various Options on our Window Sills

Our window sills are available in an array of different materials.Especially if you’re going to purchase on order you have the possibility to choose fromany of the materials we have in our store, whether marble or travertine. This way youhave a bigger selection that helps you customize the space, internally or externally.Furthermore it’s possible to order different thicknesses: 20mm, 30mm or 40mm.The standard thickness we have on stock is mostly 30mm.Another customizable part of the window sills we offer are the edges. They can be cut indifferent forms. You can create half round or full round edges if you need them and havesquare edges with small chamfers at the corners for durability. For window sills comingout farther than the wall, you can have a drip groove underneath from side to side. Sothe water will drip down rather than trickle down the wall.In the large selection of window sills we are offering in our shop in Luqa you can find theright items to add the eye-catching touch to your windows. The finishings and materialscan be chosen to match with the other materials used in other spaces of the area.Whether you purchase standard sizes or you wish to order customized window sills, ourexperts are ready to give you professional advice and find with you the best solution.
For more information about window sills,contact us or visit us in our Shop in Luqa!