Natural Travertine Mosaic

The wide variety of types and patterns that travertine mosaics offer allows for a remarkable range of appearances.

Benefits of Travertine Mosaic

Travertine mosaic is a unique choice for your floors and walls. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is also versatile and timeless in its splendor, and has the ability to transform any space into a unique and eye-catching space.

Due to its different sizes, mosaic is much better feasible for irregular shapes and structures than common tiles. It allows to achieve the desired design of, for example, curved pool benches, rounded corners, or other elements.

Unique Travertine Mosaic Designs and Types at Design Hub Store

Our collection of travertine mosaics are intricately crafted and designed. We offer an extraordinary series of travertine mosaics that enable you to create your own living experience of style and sophistication.

The broad palette presented in the store can facilitate consistency in the design. For example if architects, designers and clients choose a travertine design from the collection we offer, they will also find a mosaic of it in the same finish. This will also contribute to the consistency within the bathroom design, same like the choice of accessories and mixers.

This can also be realized in bigger projects like hotels. The goal may be to use the travertine, but not the same sizes or finishes in every space. Using a travertine mosaic will give the opportunity to modify within the same material, but still have a consistent design.

To achieve the concept of matching, the travertine mosaic types we offer can also function as walls. You can use these mosaics to freshen up a wall instead of using a wallpaper or just painting it and enrich your space in this way.

If used at the right place the travertine mosaic will be ideal for that peculiar touch. Nevertheless the same can also be reached with our standard materials in size 610mm x 305mm

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