In almost all buildings that are constructed on different levels, stairs are used to comfortably andsafely overcome these height differences.

A staircase basically consists of two components, treads and risers. The treads are thehorizontal parts you step on whereas the vertical surfaces are called risers.These are the twoelements that you as a contractor need to invest in, because most of the time you’llhave a staircase and a lift shaft, so the stair will need risers and treads that form thesurface of the staircase around the lift shaft.

With regard to the functionalities some points should be taken into consideration.Shiny and smooth surfaces can look great, but non-slip surfaces will reduce the risk ofaccidents when the steps for example are wet or dusty. These non-slip finishes may notbe ideal for cleaning, but if they are chosen in the right color tones they will contribute tosafety and health, which is the most important.

Get to know the Various Options on Staircases at Design Hub in Luqa

At our Design Hub shop in Luqa, you have the choice from different materials for thetreads and risers such as travertine or marble, in finishes that we know are in demandand neutral. We also offer several types of edges such as full bullnose and half round.You can either get them at set sizes or order custom formats. The delivery time isapproximately 2 months.In Luqa you will get expert advice and guidance on choosing the right material for yourtreads and risers that will help you design a pleasant and safe staircase thatincorporates as well your ideas and needs.For more information about staircase treads and riserscontact usor visit us in our Shopin Luqa!